Inspired – Outside-in Winner 2015

Inspired – Outside-in Winner 2015

We chose Raffaella Nisi for her Asymmetric Earrings.

We like the combination of surface textures and treatments that have been employed here – they successfully reference  the rocks that provided her source of inspiration. We feel these earrings also show design flair; Raffaella works confidently with asymmetry, which she carries off well.

Earrings by Inspired - Outside-in Winner 2015 Raffaella Nisi

Congratulations Raffaella! We look forward to meeting you soon for your workshop time at Flux.

Raffaella says of these earrings ‘These earrings are inspired by a rocky hill in the Island of Madeira. Different shapes and sharp edges reflect the light in different direction, diverse metals are merged in a unique peace of art to imitate the different elements composing the rock.’

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