Wednesday Jewellery Bench Hire. Make time at Flux

Tuesday Extra Hours at the bench

Do you need extra time at the bench to work on a special jewellery project?

If you are keen to get more workshop time at Flux, 0ur Wednesday package gives you extra hours at the bench during term times. Welcome to Wednesday Extras! Jewellery bench hire at Flux. Make time to develop your own jewellery projects.

For students attending other jewellery courses this is an ideal way to get extra time to complete jewellery projects. And if you’re a newly qualified jeweller you can further develop your practice. 

What’s in a Wednesday ?

Each term we offer Wednesdays as a full day of studio access, from 10am – 5pm (with a chill-out hour for lunch). For 10 weeks of term you get up to 6 hours at the jewellery bench to work on your own projects. Book for the the morning sessions 10am-1pm (Mini Wednesdays) or stay till 5pm (All-day Wednesdays) to really get things done!  

Please note, this is self-directed time. You must be sufficiently experienced in your techniques to be able to work safely. We’ll be on hand to offer  assistance when you need it.

Please note: these are not prescribed teaching sessions and you need to ready to work independently on your projects.

We’ll give an induction at the start so you know how things work, and to settle you in. Additionally we’ll have someone from our Flux team to assist with technical issues regarding the use of tools and facilities here, and to note your return of tools at the end of your session. 

  Jewellery bench hire at Flux

  • All-day Wednesdays – (6 hours every Wednesday for a full 10 week term), costs £720 .
  • If you’d prefer a shorter day, choose the

    Mini Wednesdays option – (3 hours every Wednesday for a full 10 week term) for £350.

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