Facilities at Flux Jewellery School

Flux jewellery school - our facilities in our specialist jewellery studio

Welcome to our jewellery studio

We have an excellent range of specialist tools and equipment in our jewellery studio. Here are some of the  facilities you can expect to find when you join us. Access these facilities as a Flux member (Membership) or by joining one of our many jewellery courses

  • 16 roomy jewellery workbenches

    Spread out, get to work at your benchpeg.

  • Hot-work area; 3x Seivert (propane) torches โ€“ v large to v small flame

    Spacious area for soldering and for smelting  / sand casting precious metals.

  • Oxy-propane torch 

    Smith’s Little Torch, for precise and localised soldering etc.

  • Butane mini torches

    Small torches for chain and other fine work requiring less powerful heat.

  • Kiln

    With pyrometer, suitable for enamel work.

  • Pickling, etching  and wet-work area

    Pickle tanks for removing oxides from your metals, etching solutions for silver and for copper and brass, sink area for pummice and other wet work.

  • Ultrasonic tank

    Deep cleaner for grubby jewellery ๐Ÿ™‚

  • All basic jewellery hand tools

    jeweller’s pegs /saws /files /measuring and marking tools /pliers /doming punches + blocks / vice / mandrels / drawplates / mallets / hammers / extensive selection of stakes etc etc.

  • Barrel, bench and magnetic polishers

    Choose the most appropriate polishing method for your jewellery.

  • Ring stretcher

    Stretch your rings to fit, the easy way!

  • Guillotine

    Cut sheet metal to size.

  • Rolling mills

    Reduce thickness, impress interesting designs on your sheet metal.

  • 2 Pillar drills

    For drilling large or small holes, especially useful where numerous holes must be drilled.

  • 5 Pendant drills

    Grind, cut, abrade, polish with these versatile tools.

  • Drawbench and drawplates

    Draw wire to size, any shape, any dimension.

  • Flypress

    Press flat sheet metal into your desired form using this muscle-saving piece of equipment. Make unlimited numbers of the same form with little effort.

  • Relaxation area, tea/coffee

    Take a break, have a drink, snack out, catch up with classmates, read our latest library additions.

  • Wifi

    Stay connected. Research online etc.

  • Standard office facilities

    Most things you can think of.. paper, card, art materials, string, clips, paper guillotine, laminator etc etc.

  • Computer (Mac) with adobe creative suite, scanner and printers

    Complete artwork, scan or download and print images / documents etc.

  • Library – Extensive selection of reference books relating to jewellery techniques and art/design

    If we dont have the answers there are always the odd 100 experts on our shelf to offer valuable insights into jewellery techniques and processes!

  • Light box for photography

    Take reasonably good product shots with this lovely little lightbox.

  • Great natural light during the daylight hours.

    When you can see what you are doing, generally you do it better, we find!

We’re always working to improve our jewellery studio facilities. Tell us what you think we should to add to our wish-list.

Flux gift vouchers can be used to buy at our jewellery exhibitions as well as to to join a course

Flux Jewellery School

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