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FAQ Termly Jewellery courses –

How long are the courses?

  • Our Termly courses are 10 weeks long, and run for 3 hrs per week. That’s a full 30 hours of taught workshop activity over the course of a term. All evening classes start at 6.15 pm and finish at 9.15 pm.

What do I need to bring to enrol on a 10 week course?

  • Since our 10 week courses are entirely self funding we do not require any paperwork from you. Just bring your own good self!

How do I decide what level of course I should join?

  • Beginners Evening Courses aim to develop your foundation skills in jewellery making.
  • Intermediate Evening Courses introduce additional technical skills to enhance your design and making repertoire, also consolidating your foundation jewellery-making skills.
  • Advanced Evening and Daytime Courses will develop your design and technical skills, to support your emerging design aesthetic.
  • Mixed level jewellery courses provide bench time for anyone wishing to explore a specified technique. Where beginners may follow a series of set projects, advanced students may choose to continue with existing projects in tandem with tutor advice and assistance.

What will I learn on the beginners jewellery course?

  •  You will learn all the foundation skills in silver jewellery making through a series of fun projects that aim to get you thinking about designing and making unique and original jewellery.

What will I learn on the intermediate jewellery course?

  • At intermediate level we shift the focus of our courses to introduce students to a broad range of jewellery making techniques to inspire new ways of working and to instil confidence in the making process and originality in the quality of your jewellery designs
  • Building on your existing foundation skills in jewellery making you will learn a range of more challenging techniques with projects having more open-ended outcomes.

What will I learn on the advanced jewellery course?

  • At advanced level we aim to support the development of your own style or design aesthetic. Focussing on complex techniques, we encourage you to produce work that is authentic, well considered and beautifully crafted.  All projects are open ended, giving room to develop personally satisfying outcomes

What will I make?

  •  For beginners each term we focus on a theme to base your designs around. (The theme is described on each listing). If you have an idea of something else you would prefer to make our helpful and approachable tutors will be happy to assist you.
  • At intermediate level themes tend to be technique focussed, giving room for personal interpretation and originality in your designs, while also reinforcing foundation skills. If you have an idea of something specific you would like to make our helpful and approachable tutors will be happy to assist you.
  • For advanced courses, themes provide a context for you to develop your skills to the highest quality.  All projects are open ended, giving room to develop personally satisfying outcomes but if you prefer to work with defined outcomes (eg ‘make a brooch..’ ) we are pleased to offer more structured projects for you.

How much will it cost to join a course?

  • If you are in work you qualify for the standard course fee of £295

How much will materials cost?

  • We provide you with a basic materials kit inclusive of the course price.
  • If you use up your kit, or if you want to work in precious metals not provided by us we can advise on what and where to buy; we also stock some specialist materials that we can supply at cost.

How many courses do I need to complete to move to intermediate classes?

  • Our courses are designed to progressively build on skills for students wanting to develop their interest in designing and making jewellery. We recommend students complete a minimum of 3 beginners 10 week courses to learn and master the essentials before moving to intermediate level courses.

How many courses do I need to complete to move to advanced classes?

  • Our courses are designed to progressively build on skills for students wanting to develop their interest in designing and making jewellery. We recommend students complete a minimum of 3 intermediate 10 week courses to consolidate foundation skills and equip you with a range of extended techniques before moving to advanced level courses.

What next?

  • Students wishing to further develop their jewellery will be ready to use Flux Tuesday Extra, for self directed project work.
  • Other courses recommended by Flux include our own specialist short courses (see our short courses programme), apprenticeship schemes via the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, degree courses (Middlesex university, Central St Martins, Rochester). Alternatively you may wish to apply to join Flux Studios as a member to develop jewellery collections and explore your business potential.

Special Deals for Accelerated Learning

  • Tuesday Extra Hours is an option that gives you a full day in the workshop every Tuesday for the 10 week term. The day starts 10am, work on your own projects till 5pm. The fee for the Tuesday Extra is £750 per term, or choose the Mini Extra option for £375 for the morning 3 hour session

FAQ Short Courses and Workshops at Flux Jewellery School

Our Short Course Programme is an exciting initiative in conjunction with Southwark Adult Learning Services to provide people with access to a range of exciting short courses in jewellery making.

Courses typically run for 2 days and from beginner courses to specialist workshops, we aim to provide exciting learning opportunities for you that suit your interest.

Anyone can join our short courses; We keep half the places on each course for Southwark residents and if you live in the borough (of Southwark) you will probably qualify for a super discounted price, thanks to your local council!

How much does it cost to join a short course?

  • Adult short courses typically cost £295 for a 2 day course.

What is included in the course fee?

  • We provide all non-precious materials for you to use, and we also provide tea, coffee and light snacks. If you wish to work in precious materials this can be arranged at cost.

What do I need to bring?

  • After booking your place you will receive information about your course, with some helpful suggestions about what to bring. Everything else you need will be provided by us.

More info about Family Workshops

  • At Flux Jewellery School we provide a supportive environment where families / children and their carers can actively engage with creative and craft processes in the professional environment of an artist studio. Projects are tailored to suit children and adults having no prior experience, with initial focus on free experimentation with material and technique. Students then put their newfound experiences into producing a final piece of jewellery or mini – sculpture.  
  • Adults please note, this is a course for families. Please do not book if you intend to come without family!

More info about our Weekday courses for adults

  • Our two day courses usually run over a Thursday/ Friday and they are ideal for adults with time to play during normal working hours.  These 2- day courses are tailored to fit within the school run so they suit parents and carers who are looking to explore new ideas, develop skills – or just to have some ‘me’ time!   

More info about Weekend courses for adults

  • We have a range of courses for beginners and intermediate students running at the weekends. These courses aim to provide access to our services for local residents who cannot get to our weekday programmes. 

If you have any other questions that have not been answered here or in our Terms and Conditions  please email us for clarification.


  1. I will to enrol myself to the course I live in southwark . Could you email me when to come for September intake I want to learn how to make my own gold and have a business in the field

    • Hi Patricia
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      We don’t have an enrolment day per se; the courses we run can be booked directly online. The specially discounted courses that are for Southwark residents are short, 2 day courses. If you live in Southwark you can do one of these each year – you need to choose which one will be best for you from the Southwark courses list. If you want to attend a longer course these are not subsidised for Southwark residents, thought hey are very good value for what we give. we run 10 week courses that run 1 evening per week. Your course would be the beginners class on Wednesday evenings.
      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance
      Vicky Forrester

    • Hi Cathy, this really depends on how quickly you pick up the skills. Some people are able to spend personal time practicing skills between classes, and some are naturally gifted makers, or have related experience so their progress can be very speedy. We usually consider that 3 terms at beginners level should be sufficient to move to a more independent level of working that we would expect at intermediate level. Does this help?

  2. Hi, I’m from Malaysia. I would like to know if there any sort of requirement if a 21 Malaysian student like me would like to enroll to your school? And also, can I know if there any hostel provided and the fees for the course. Thank you.

    • Hi Nurul,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      We dont have any specific requirements for you to join our courses at Flux Jewellery School.
      Our programme is generally for part time study, but if you are coming from Malaysia to join us we can organise a bespoke service that will give you the skills you wish to gain in a timeframe that suits you. The cost will depend on the type and length of study you wish to take with us, and I will email you directly regarding this.

      We have some recommended hotels, B+B and apartments in the locality, which we will be glad to share with you.
      Best regards,
      Vicky Forrester

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