About the tutors

Who are you likely to meet when you come to class?  Here’s a little information about the tutors who regularly teach at Flux. We’re all experts in our specialist fields, so you can be sure to gain useful skills and guidance from our team of professional jewellers.

Vicky Forrester founder and director of Flux Jewellery School

Vicky Forrester – Founder and director of Flux Jewellery School. Vicky a is practicing jeweller with 30 years of experience in the contemporary jewellery field. She has exhibited work extensively in the UK and abroad through various specialist galleries and exhibitions. Vicky has a BA Hons degree in Silversmithing and metalwork (Camberwell, 1990), and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Goldsmiths’, 1994). She has taught jewellery making courses in a variety of contexts for the last 20 years across London. Specialist skills include studio casting and wax techniques, soldering skills, forming techniques, married metals, creative design.

Vicky was commissioned to write a book on jewellerymaking in 2011; Elemental Jewellery is available for purchase here

Becky Dockree, Contemporary jeweller and tutor at Flux Studios

Becky Dockree is a London based jewellery designer, she is influenced by her experiences, relationships and the thoughts and feelings surrounding these concepts. Becky uses her jewellery as a form of communication to create hand crafted individual statement pieces. Her jewellery combines etched designs with stamped text to display a narrative journey. Pieces are often created from a state of mind rather than planned construction. The images and words naturally carve themselves into the metals surface creating raw emotional imagery. Specialist skills include etching and wax carving.

Alex Yule, Contemporary jeweller and tutor at Flux Studios

Alex Yule. Alex often draws inspiration from her surrounding environment, past and present. She spent her childhood years in the countryside, inheriting her fathers interest in wild flowers and expressing her creative ideas into 3D forms, going on to pursue a 12 year career in architectural model making based in the heart of London. These influences are reflected in her jewellery and silverware ‘an architectural style softened by her love of natural forms’.

Barbara Yarde, Contemporary jeweller and tutor at Flux Studios

Barbara Yarde. Barbara’s pieces are influenced by her travels and everyday life. She honed her skills while studying jewellery and silversmithing at Sir John Cass University in London, and as a trained goldsmith her attention to precision and detail is reflected in all her work. Barbara uses a variety of techniques, combining this precious metal with traditional processes such as wax carving, Keum- Boo (fine gold fusing) and anticlastic raising.

Barbora Rybarova, Contemporary jeweller and tutor at Flux Studios

Barbora Rybarova. Barbora spent years honing her jewellery making skills in South America. Her love of stones combined with her art background – (fine art degree from UAL) give her jewellery a striking appeal. Specialist skills include construction techniques and working with stones.

Henrietta Fernandez, contemporary jeweller and tutor at Flux Studios

Henri Fernandez graduated from Middlesex Polytechnic in the mid 80′s with a BA Hons in Jewellery Design. She had the good fortune of work experience with Theo Fennell where she learnt about making fine jewellery in silver, gold and platinum …Following college she went on to work with British designer and jeweller, Wendy Ramshaw OBE, as her main workshop assistant. A significant period where she learnt, not only about the world of contemporary jewellery design, but how to work to a very high standard with gold, silver and semi precious stones.

This is Elena Timbaliuc

Elena Timbaliuc. Elena fell in love with jewellery in Florence. Having studied with some of the best masters in the industry, she found her way to craftsmanship through patience, attention to detail and resilience. The old city’s spirit is still very present in her work and she is constantly inspired by it’s beautiful church windows and artistic streets. Elena specializes in techniques like Florentine fretwork, hand engraving and pave’ stone setting and uses them in bringing to life her delicate, intricate and lace-like designs

Yuki Sasakura Assiter, contemporary jeweller and tutor at Flux Studios

Yuki Sasakura uses techniques that combine metal, fabric, stones and stitching, inspired by traditional English embroidery and the Japanese amulet symbol of omamori – created as a jewellery piece. Omamori is a decorative pouch made of fabric with embroidered patterns and symbolic knots from Temples and shrines in Japan. Through use of materials she explores textures, designs and patterns derived from English and Japanese cultures.

Jewellery Jessamy Harvey. member and tutor at Flux Studios

Jessamy Harvey: In her jewellery Jessamy translates into silver the tactile qualities of textiles and trimmings, which she then enhances with touches of gold or vitreous enamel. Fascinated by found antique or vintage miniature objects, latest work also includes an ongoing and ever growing collection of curious charms that provide substance to further explore surface treatment techniques. Since her intense journey into jewellery making (her first classes taken here at Flux Studios) Jessamy has become captivated by the process of enamelling. She is a member of The Guild of Enamellers as well as the British Society of Enamellers

Nic Webb

Nic Webb describes himself as an artist maker. Best known for his wooden spoons and vessels, Nic has a curiosity that drives him to seek and explore the relationships between material and form, without the conventional bounds of a singular approach to his artistic expression. Hence metal and ceramic elements in Nic’s work show a natural conclusion to his creative flow. Central to all his work is the integrity of real craftsmanship. Nic’s work shows an ongoing dialogue between idea, material and form. At Flux Nic teaches how to make wood and silver rings.

Imogen Belfield, Guest tutor at Flux Studios

Imogen Belfield . Since graduating in 2008 Imogen has firmly established herself at the fore of British fashion with her rugged and bold jewellery collections. Imogen is a regular exhibitor at London Fashion Week and her collections are sold extensively around the globe. As one of the first to join  the Flux Membership scheme, Imogen has taught on numerous courses here. Keep an eye out for her special guest visits.