Vicky Forrester

Design Philosophy

Jewellery for me is an art form; I see jewellery as wearable sculpture, a means to explore relationships and form, to ask questions and present challenges, to soothe the senses or to awaken them.

From concept to realisation, I like the element of problem solving that jewellery making presents. For this reason I mainly produce one-off pieces, and I also like to work to commission.

The making process requires focus; at every stage in the development of a piece of jewellery, challenges arise and choices must be made. The process requires a fluid approach, and every problem arising equally presents opportunity. The final outcome charts this evolving relationship between the idea, the choices made, the application of process, and the behaviour of the material. With a successful piece of jewellery these elements find accord.

Equally important to me in the making process is the notion of intent. As we weave and forge and form our intentions into objects, here we jewellers have the means to exercise alchemy.

My work and bespoke jewellery collections is here on my own website