Barbora Rybarova

About the artist:

London based, Slovakian jeweller Barbora Rybarova creates statement jewellery which celebrate the natural beauty of rough minerals. After successfully graduating in Fine Art/Sculpture, Barbora had a unique opportunity to study and work alongside experienced stone carvers and jewellers in countries such as Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. This unusual introduction into jewellery world allows Barbora to approach her designs and making process in innovative ways while drawing on traditional jewellery techniques.

About the work:

‘Nebula’ double rings are part of limited collection Crude beauty that combines the fascinating textures and forms of raw crystals with the smooth brilliance of sterling silver or gold. With every crystal that Barbora chooses to work with, there exists a perfect harmony between stone, metal, and ‘human intervention’. While carving and setting these unique minerals Barbora pays particular attention to the natural characteristics of each of them, which allows her to create inventive and exquisitely hand crafted jewellery.