Casting silver with stone and gem inclusions

When casting silver into a delft clay mould you have to be open to all manner of success; opening the mould is always a breath-holding moment!

casting silver to make a ring with quartz inclusion, using the delft clay method.

casting silver into delft clay with a stone inclusion

There wasn’t much time for taking photos this week – but the Tuesday highlight goes to Lynn, who successfully cast a silver ring with a quartz inclusion

As you might imagine there was a chorus of delight when she opened the mould. There’s quite some cleaning up to do on this one, but the final result will be worth it

casting silver into a ring using the delft clay method.

Delft cast silver ring with Quartz inclusion

Next week we will begin to explore wax carving for casting… so exciting!

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students working at Flux Jewellery School; Lynn has become adept at casting silver

Lynn at work