That was Camberwell Arts Festival

As Creative Urges 2018 approaches we look back on previous events…

Students take over the studio for Camberwell Arts Festival 2016

For the second year running we decided to dedicate our Summer Open Studios to our jewellery students, giving them an opportunity to learn new skills, show the public what they do,  to talk about their work, and to get making over a weekend of free studio time. They really got into the creative flow; what a fantastic week it turned out to be for Camberwell Arts Festival 2016!

Workshops and Short Courses

We started the week with  a fabulous family workshop. Kids and carers alike got into the flow to produce some wild and beautiful stories:


Later in the week we had an adult indulgence, again a 2 Day Casting course that produced exciting results, and some great laughs along the way:


Bishbashbosh – Give currency to your old coins

On Friday evening we invited the public to come and enjoy an opportunity to bash some metal…. arriving with their own special coins, our Flux Jewellery Students guided them to shape and drill the coins to make wearable treasures. We had some camera shy visitors, but these lovely people were delighted to share their joy at getting physical in the studio!


Making it – Jewellery making in action

Over the weekend we invited all our students for the last year to come and enjoy some making time in the studio. We were busy! I like to see the bench preferences for our makers. While we have a few who manage a real sense of order on their bench, mainly I’d call it organised chaos. A great sign of the creative mind, my Grandmother used to say!

(Want to see more? watch the full slideshow here)

Students take over Flux Studios for Camberwell Arts/Flux open studios 2016


Getting Creative

Judging by the quality of jewellery in our students’ exhibition, I would definitely concur. The Students Exhibition gets better year on year as our jewellery community is inspired to ever greater creative heights:

(Want to see more? watch the full slideshow here)

Photographs of jewellery on display for the Flux Students exhibition 2016

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Flux Open Studios events for Camberwell Arts Festival 2016. We love to celebrate the achievements of the people who come to Flux Jewellery School, and to broaden our community of creatives in South London.

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