Enamel techniques – Bringing new dimension to your jewellery

If you like painting and drawing, our new course in Experimental Enamelling might be just the ticket for you….

Summer  is coming (surely it must be) and this month we’re adding more colour to our jewellery. If you like to draw, or if you have been consumed by the colouring craze of late, we can help you turn your art into something wearable and weatherproof with our exciting course in enamel techniques!

enamelled brooch with cold connection

Yes, we have another ancient art to share with you. Hot on the heels of crushed stone inlay, here’s an exciting new opportunity to join us for 2 fun days on our experimental enamelling techniques course.

Vitreous enamelling is a process of fusing crushed glass to metal, adding colour and vibrance to jewellery and metal wares. It’s an ancient process – did you know that earliest examples go back to the Thirteenth Century BC?

enamelled panel showing the murder of Thomas Becket

Enamelled objects have always been highly prized, often indicating the wealth and status of the owner – a tradition carried though to modern times, with our own systems of honour.

enamelled badges showing status

Champleve, Cloisonne, Plique a jour, Guilloche, Basse Taille, Sgraffito – there are many ways to apply enamel, and each is an exacting process that takes years to master.  But the road to glory must start somewhere… and we believe those first steps should be fun and rewarding…Vitreous enamells on copper, steel and silver

Join us for a weekend of playful delight. Learn the basic processes of preparation and application, make some amazing wearable items that explore colour, texture and line.

You can sign up here

We’re delighted to introduce Jessamy Harvey to our teaching team at Flux Jewellery School. Jessamy (Dr Harvey if you like to be formal) has been a member of Flux Studios for some years now, and her passion for enamelling has led to a degree of expertise that comes only from experimentation and play. It’s natural then, that her first course at Flux Jewellery School should be on Experimental Enamelling techniques.

It’s our belief at Flux Jewellery School that to be a good teacher you must be an avid learner, a forever student, and with an insatiable curiosity for jewellery specifically – but everything, generally.

With her eclectic background in Spanish literature, the Alexander Technique and Jewellery making, Jessamy’s personal inquiry shows a joy in the essence of being,  and a creative drive and passion that is characteristic of the teaching team at Flux Jewellery School. You know you’re in good hands!