How to keep your job when redundancies loom

It’s official: TV habits can lead to the sack!

How to keep your job when redundancies loom..

Why waste your days in front of the telly when you could be at a fantastically inspirational jewellery making course at Flux Studios!

Is this what your boss sees in your eyes on a monday morning? Perhaps it’s time to take an interest in your personal development!

The economic squeeze is on and, the Queen aside, none of us can afford to take our job for granted. If you want to keep your head above the redundancy waterline your performance at work needs to be top notch.  While cosy nights in with the TV may seem like a sensible alternative to the pub and a safe escape from reality, research shows that excessive viewing leads to difficulty in concentration, a lowered sense of life satisfaction and shortness of temper that can result in unnecessary conflict –  not the qualities most likely to impress your boss or your clients! What may seem like a harmless way to get through the week proves more damaging to your professional status than a life of hard partying!

Instead of letting life slip away in front of the box, why not trade in those telly habits for a rewarding activity that brings value to the workplace?

Nothing (morally acceptable) gets you further up the professional ladder than creative flair, and learning a new skill can sharpen your mind, also imparting a positive mental attitude. Investing in your creativity brings long lasting rewards that enhance all aspects of work and relationships.

Taking an evening course in the arts or crafts can bring immense personal fulfilment, also enhancing your skills in communicating ideas, problem solving, mental focus, and dexterity.

Many colleges provide part time courses in the arts, and if you are interested to try your hand at jewellery making, now is the time join one of our popular courses here at Flux Studios. Our expert tutors, all renowned professional jewellers, teach traditional silversmithing techniques with a contemporary jewellery design sensibility. To find out more about our jewellery courses click here

 I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room & read a good book.” – Groucho Marx