Specialist Workshops for Jewellers

We have some very exciting jewellery workshops in specialist techniques coming up at Flux.

Here are two weekend courses coming up in the next months.

1. Sat/Sun 20/21 October  – Keum Boo workshop with Barbara Yarde .

Specialist workshop in Keum Boo at Flux Studios










On this course Barbara will introduce you to the ancient Korean technique of Keum – boo. The aplication of gold to silver is both beautiful and cost effective, and over the 2 day workshop Barbara will also highlight additional techniques that can be applied to further enhance the contrast of colour and texture to produce highly individual pieces of jewellery

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2. Sat/Sun 15/16 December  – Etching Techniques for Jewellery with Becky Dockree

Learn the art of etching for Jewellery with Becky Dockree










On this course we introduce you to the techniques and applications of etching, especially in relation to pattern- making and texturing for jewellery. We will discuss the pros and cons of various mordants and resists, and the associated health and safety issues relating to their usage.As well as exploring traditional mordant / resist applications used in etching we will also experiment with a form of photo etching which allows for the transfer of a photographic image to act as a resist for stopping out acid erosion of the metal surface.

we will also explore how to add colour using cold enamels, oxides and other patinas.

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Also available on the Southwark Programme