Jewellery Courses at Flux – wax carving for casting

Working with wax requires an entirely different subset of skills to those we normally use when working with metal, and I was very impressed by the rings students made on the last wax carving course we ran here at Flux.

I’ve put a slide show together here to show the highlights, and as a taste of what to expect, check this out..

(See slideshow HERE)

Wax can be manipulated by carving and texturing before being cast in metal


Here’s a beautiful piece by Nic Web, who quickly grasped the parameters of the material in hand  to produce this highly original ring.

In response to popular demand we decided to run a similar course for intermediate jewellery students this term; there are still 1 or 2 places left so if you fancy joining get signed up here

This 12 week course starts 22 September. All other courses at Flux start 13/14 September. Check the prospectus for full details.