Hotcourses blow cold

And while I’m on it… here is another bit of misinformation from  Hotcourses   (yes, it’s another  £££  course advertising site)

“ aims to be the most accurate, up-to-date and user-friendly course site. We do not restrict ourselves to one particular sector of education, so you can find undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, leisure courses and professional development courses all on the same site. Because we do not charge people to list their courses, we have a large selection of colleges and course providers. Providers can sign up online and update or amend their information at any time, ensuring that their listings remain accurate.”

This statement absolutely does not reflect the way in which Hotcourses now operates! This is a fee paying, advertising site which provides limited information about courses, classes and workshops available to the general public.

Hotcourses assures us that they are looking at updating their website details to reflect their change  from partial government funding to entirely commercial status. We’re wondering how many staff  it takes for their  light bulbs to get changed!  As this is a potentially damaging piece of misinformation we feel it really ought to get first priority so that it reflects the true nature of this pay – per – listing site.

Actually,  Flux Studios is still currently listed on this site (due for imminent take-down – are we betting which part of the site gets changed first??) as a hang-over from the last year

.. but here’s a gem worth sharing to demonstrate something of their ‘accuracy’

If you type in a search for jewellery courses at SE5 8QT (and there’s only 1 jewellery studio at that address folks!) you will be taken on 15 journeys to places ranging from 2 miles away to 6 miles away, before finally you are directed to Flux Studios, precisely 0.0 miles from this postcode! Since we offer top rated jewellery courses in South London we don’t think you should have to go through this hassle to find us.

Once again, … we think this is an active dis-service for everyone living in Southwark who is entitled to a discounted place on a course here at Flux Studios. Hot Courses is directing local residents to colleges out of borough, in all cases providing more expensive classes. Wasted time, wasted money, wasted fuel.

Sorry, this is just big bully-boy-monkey-nuts!