Hallmarking your precious jewellery

We are pleased to announce that Flux Studios now has its own hallmark which is registered with the Assay office.

Flux Studios has registered the letters FLX for the maker's mark.

Flux members not having their own mark, and students at Flux Studios may use the mark when sending their work for assay.

If you wish to sell jewellery made in precious metals, and you want your customers to know that it is precious, you must have it hallmarked by the Assay Office. Your jewellery is tested for metal quality, after which it is given the three compulsory marks – the sponsor’s mark , the fineness mark (which tells you what the metal is, eg 925 for sterling) and the Assay Office mark (in our case the London Office mark).

Additional marks also include the traditional fineness symbols and a date letter.

To find out more about the hallmarking process you can go to the Assay Office website.