Jewelry Wax Modeling by Adolfo Mattiello – book review

Book Review: ‘Jewelry Wax Modeling ‘ by Adolfo Mattiello

We’re always on the look – out for good jewellery books to add to the reference library here at Flux Studios.

The latest addition to the shelves is ‘Jewelry Wax Modeling ‘ by Adolfo Mattiello

I like this book for its excellent guidance; the author combines precise instructions with very explanatory graphics, also providing photos of the projects in progress – you’re not left guessing as to what to do with your wax welder  half way through a complex piece of construction!

There are 11 projects in all, each one describing how to create ever more complex rings, also accommodating various types of settings for stones.  Although none of the described outcomes would fit my choice of ring style, the principles are beautifully presented for ready adaptation, and if I had a spare 3 week window in the workshop I’d definitely plough through these instructions to develop my wax working skills.

Books at Flux Studios are available for members and students to reference at any time.

Jewelry Wax Modeling by Adolfo Mattiello, flux studios library

Text Exerpt from Jewelry Model Making by Adolfo Mattiello