examples of carved wax rings

Wax Carving for Casting Silver Jewellery (C25)

By the end of this course you will know how to:
– Cut, carve, manipulate and polish wax to realise your designs.
– Prepare your items for professional lost wax casting taking into consideration the constraints of the processes and materials involved.
– Make a prototype that can be reproduced to make multiples of the same design.

examples of decorative hollow pendants and a box

Make 2 decorative hollow pendants. Extend your knowledge to make a lidded box (G22)

10 week Beginners jewellery making course – Making Beads, Pendants and other hollow forms. Book now. Learn how to to form sheet using doming punches and fold metal using scoring techniques and you will also know how to join two or more elements together using traditional silver soldering techniques and use wire to make jump rings and other types of attachments for jewellery.