Jewellery Classes Make The Perfect Gift

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Classes and workshops in silver jewellery making – what better present to give the creatives in your life!

In these fast-paced, fragmented, small-world days of ethereal techno-consumerism it can be hard to find a present that conveys the love, understanding or soul connection you have with friends and loved ones. Time moves ever faster and it’s difficult enough even finding the time to seek out that perfect ‘says it all’ gift.

Don’t panic! We have an inspired solution for you. How about giving a course of jewellery classes at Flux? It’s the perfect gift for anyone hankering after more meaning in life.

Dragon Wing Ring by Beilin

Jewellery-making. It’s not just about creating beautiful, wearable objects. Although the outcome is in itself most pleasing, as with most good things in life, it’s the journey that holds the true magic. Process is everything and here in the studio it’s a perfect opportunity to slow down and to re-connect with our core.

amulet series, cuttlefish casts by a student at Flux

Making stuff, and expressing ‘self’ though what we make, what we wear – these are primal instincts and  when we pick up a hammer, when we slip a ring on our finger, we draw on our deep connection with our earliest ancestors; we become the sum of all that has gone before.

kids get handy with hammers

Our materials, our basic tools, and many of the techniques we use in jewellery making today remain unchanged since the earliest of times.

We marvel at the skills of the ancient craftsmen when secret treasures are newly unearthed. Such treasures are made every day in our studio, by contemporary jewellers, perhaps also bound for future marvel when they too are unearthed from London’s mud in thousands of years to come.

All it takes is time. Time to slow down. Time to give form to our wild fancies, and to find solutions to the problems we set ourselves. Time to make mistakes, and time to rectify and learn from them. Time to connect mind with body to apply new skills and knowledge, to be creators of physical, beautiful things.

beautiful hammered and folded forms in silver, interlinked to make a necklace

The tiniest package is the greatest gift when it holds within it a life-changing experience, opening the recipient to new horizons, offering up an exciting new path of discovery ….

What's in the box? Endless delight - a 10 week Flux Jewellery Class

These are the stories we hear and share at Flux. Do you know someone who’d like to join us on the journey?

We have daytime, evening and weekend jewellery classes at Flux Jewellery School.

New term starts January 12 2016. Here’s a taster of what’s up next…

we have lots of jewellery courses at Flux
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