Take a look at Zoneone Arts

If you are interested in the creative process then take a look at Zoneone Arts One!

Founded by Deborah Blakeley, this website brings together the works of contemporary artists and craftspeople from every part of the globe.

As well as providing a sumptuous visual experience of the creative arts, this website captures the vibrance of the people behind the works, exposing their thoughts and motivations, and a snapshot of their inner workings.


First extensively researching her guest artists and makers, Deborah identifies questions that draw out the essence of each maker’s creative process. Dancing from material to process to presentation and back to motivation, through her interviews we begin to see similarities, common threads that bind us, similar forces that drive us. Whether maker or appreciator, I find these warm connections delight the soul.

As a maker myself, it’s fascinating to read about media and processes less familiar to me, and I’m particularly taken by Lise Bech’s basketry work (and working process). Reading her interview blows the fresh, free winds of Scotland through my mind. I love her holistic approach to living and making, and I’m tempted to up sticks to find a similar kind of life-pace!

Lise Bech - the lovers

Lise Bech – The lovers

I have always been attracted to basketry, though my approach bears none of the finesse of a true basket weaver (more experimental / self taught / made-up processes).

Vicky Forrester - Venus (Goddess) neckpiece

Vicky Forrester – Venus (Goddess) neckpiece

Lise’s feature links to resources that I will find time to explore further; the woven communities project presents an important link between past and present and I’m inspired to want to learn more.

Thanks to Zoneone Arts this serendipitous connection may lead to exciting new developments in my own work… watch this space!

Oh, and I am honoured and delighted to be a featured maker. You can read my interview here:- Zoneone Arts presents Vicky Forrester