New term, new jewellery courses for summer 2015

Are you joining us this term? We have some great new jewellery courses for summer 2015.

It’s a busy time at Flux Studios, but we always make time here to research and prepare for our next round of jewellery courses at jewellery school.

The summer sun brings colour to our world and we’re introducing  a range of exciting stone setting techniques that will add some sweetshop sparkle to your jewellery!

learn to set stones at Flux

If you’re a beginner you may be interested to join us for a weekend to learn the basics of stone setting to make a silver pendant. Or perhaps you’d prefer our 10 week Wednesday Evening course that will provide a broader range of metalworking and stone setting techniques to add to your skill set.

Intermediate students can explore more complex stone setting techniques, perhaps incorporating geometric or irregular stones; we’ll also be looking at the technicalities of brooch making, so there should be lots of scope for development on Thursday evenings.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for some inspiration from other jewellers – you’ll be amazed by the ingenuity of these makers young and old…..

A gold elaborate diadem, with nine semi precious stones, Roman, ca 300 A.D.

A gold elaborate diadem, with nine semi precious stones, Roman, ca 300 A.D.

New jewellery courses for summer 2015 – For more advanced students we are taking a good look at folding and forming techniques, also exploring how to add that bright sunshine to your jewellery with the assistance of some well placed pure 24 carat gold foil  (keum boo).

Each week we will introduce new way to fold, form, stretch and bend metal to create all manner possibilities for your jewellery to take new shape, from earthy natural forms to geometric and architectural triumphs.

fold-formed brooch by Studio Numen

Here’s a fabulous example of the combined technique by Studio Numen. For inspiration you can see more amazing formed/folded jewellery on our folding / forming jewellery board.

Remember, we have both a morning or an evening course to choose from for our advanced class – both covering the same topics. And if you want to stay for some self-directed workshop play in the afternoon we have our usual open workshop facility at £5/hr

So, get booking people!

Looking forward to seeing you all in the week of 21 April, when Summer Term begins 🙂