How To Choose a Jewellery Course

If you are thinking of joining a jewellery course, how do you find the right one for you?

As a learner you need to consider the steps that are right for you at this moment in time. Do you need qualifications to assist in getting your dream job? Do you need to hone specialist skills to help you move your ideas forward? Do you want time to explore your potential without the pressure of ‘judgement’? Are you considering a career change?

At Flux I have been able to distill my practice as student, teacher, curriculum manager, course developer and assessor to create an ideal synthesis of all of these experiences. Taking the best from each teaching and learning style, at Flux we present a unique and inspirational environment for you to unleash your creativity.

Our philosophy is to provide a personalised service for each student that focusses on developing the skills they need to enrich their creative practice.

We believe that creative evolution is best served through play;  through our teaching we encourage experimentation.

With problem solving also at the heart of our practice we show students how to explore techniques and to push beyond the accepted rules of making. The process (the journey) shapes the outcome, and we revel in the originality of outcome for each of our students. Contrary to other teaching approaches, that which others might define as ‘FAILURE’ becomes a valuable opportunity for understanding material, process or approach. The greatest works often result from such deviations!

What we offer cannot be defined in conventional terms because no two students are likely to travel the same path at Flux Studios, once the basics of making have been understood. We give credit to our students to be able to choose their own course for creative evolution – we do not believe in hoop-jumping – time is too precious! We do not want to spoil or dis-flavour the experience of developing jewellery skills through accredited frameworks that require students and tutors to prove achievement through unrelated and unlikely outputs. The journey, and the outcome – the personal experience – are reward enough!

So if you are the discerning kind of individual who is looking to ‘grow’ you might find you fit in nicely to our friendly, inspirational, exciting, challenging, fun jewellery courses here at Flux.

And if you really need a little something for your wall to prove you used your time well, we are happy to give you one of these when you complete your course!

We offer a certificate of attendance for our jewellery course at Flux

We’re proud to offer some of the best jewellery courses in jewellery making in London, here at Flux Studios. Join us this term