Drawing courses with Ewa Ullman

How are your drawing skills?? We jewellers often prefer to work directly into 3D when developing our ideas, in the process missing out on the great benefits which can arise from putting pencil to paper. Not least,  our drawing capacity can diminish (or perhaps never evolve!) and before long we can lose that sensitivity to line, which is essential to a good piece of jewellery design.

Ewa Ullman (BA Hons, MA ELT), a familiar face at Flux Studios in her capacity as Jewellery Designer,  is well known for her interior and furniture design skills, and she has teamed up with Art and Design Short Courses to provide 1-3 day courses in free-hand drawing (still life, perspective drawing, etc).

If you fancy rekindling (or exploring) your drawing skills I highly recommend these courses with Ewa. Check out her website to find out more about her services, and contact her (ewa.ullman@gmail.com) to find out more about her courses, starting from 15 Feb 2010