Future relics ; Anamnesis 1-5

Miniature bronzes by Vicky Forrester

Future Relics : 'Anamnesis' © Vicky Forrester 2008

These bronze miniatures come from an ongoing project based around the notion of ‘preciousness’ and ‘intent’.

I’m fascinated by the process of transformation that occurs when making objects, and how through the process of making we can invest powerful energies into the creative outcome.

The Anamnesis series evolved from a playful project to develop transformative tools for the 21 Century, a way to share with future generations the beauty of our world, beyond it’s inevitable desolation.

In the animals I have chosen to represent I recognise a spirit that I feel should be honoured

Giraffe – most gentle and noble creature

Dog – companionship and play

Cat – independence, seduction

Man – innocence, the fool

more to follow….

Vicky Forrester