In Pictures: Getting Creative

As Creative Urges 2018 approaches we look back on previous events…

Getting Creative – Students wow the crowds with their exquisite jewellery

We are endlessly delighted by the quality and creativity of the work that Flux Students produce, and so it’s with real pleasure that we provide this annual opportunity for our students to exhibit  their recent jewellery projects for Getting Creative – Exhibition of Students work for Flux Open Studios, CAF 2016.

The process of setting up and exhibition carries an additional skill set that requires reflection, and the self-editing process is an important one in being able to improve and develop your ideas. Everything becomes apparent – the quality of craftsmanship, the clarity of intent in the design, the functionality of the piece, the overall aesthetic, and if / how each piece you make relates to the last. It is in these moments that as a maker you begin to find your voice. Having opportunity to test these ideas verbally with an audience, watching how they respond to the work,  and listening to what they perceive, these moments provide additional and vital formative feedback for future work. In this way, exposing your work to a critical audience is a very raw and challenging experience at first, but also this is a most valuable element of the making process if you are serious about following the creative path.

We have some serious makers in our midst… take a look, see what you think.


(To see our students at work, click here for our ‘Making It’ gallery)