Camberwell Arts Festival 2016 – Get Ready For Some Excitement!

Grab your sun hats – Camberwell Arts Festival 2016 is almost here!

Oh, we are so excited here at Flux Jewellery School; the sun is shining and our vitamin D dose is topped up and raising the mood, all in time for our Camberwell Arts Festival 2016 Open Studios events.

We're bringing focus  to our students this summer for Camberwell Arts Festival 2016, Flux Open Studios

When we open our studio doors to the public this summer you’ll find it’s all (well almost) about Flux students this time as we celebrate their enormous talent and their diverse creativity.

For the Open Studios weekend we’re highlighting our brilliant jewellery students at work. We open our doors for you to see them in action. Watch them work their magic to transform raw materials into delightful objects of beauty! You can also see their amazing jewellery in the displays around the studio. If you fancy having a go yourself, we’re running a hands-on drop-in workshop too. Check out the details below:

Getting Creative –An exhibition of jewellery by students at Flux.

Come and enjoy the amazing creativity of our students at Flux Jewellery School. Exhibition runs: Friday 17 June, 6pm-8pm; Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June 11am – 6pm daily

Did you make something amazing at Flux Jewellery School? Would you like to show it to the world? register your interest here

Making it – Jewellery making in action

How does jewellery get made? What kind of tools do we use? How difficult is it? What are classes like here? Find out at Flux Jewellery School:

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June 11am – 6pm daily

Drop in to the studio to see our jewellery students in action. Watch them transform their materials into amazing jewels, ask them about our ancient techniques. Find out about courses and workshops we run here at Flux Jewellery School.

If you have been a student at Flux and fancy a complementary morning or afternoon of jewellery making on either of these days you can book your free making session here

Bishbashbosh – Give currency to your old coins

Back by popular demand, we are offering you, the public, an opportunity to turn your coppers into ‘Top Brass’. Dig out your favourite old coin from pre-Euro Europe or other distant places; bring it down to Flux Studios and we’ll help you transform it into a 3D wearable pendant that will give it new life and true currency!

Drop in workshop session – no booking required:

Friday 17June  6.30pm – 8pm – We’ll be here 6.30-8pm.

If you have been a student at Flux and would like to assist on this event we welcome your support; please register your interest here

Of course, as well as being a Jewellery School, we are also a Jewellery Studio: Flux Studios is home to a membership-based collective of professional jewellers who work together to share knowledge and skills, and to develop their independent jewellery businesses. We make collections for sale and we also work to commission.

Some of us will be at the studio to oversee the fun for our Open Studios events,  We’ll  also have a carefully selected showcase of jewellery on show and if you’re interested in our work you’ll have an opportunity  to ask us more about how to purchase or commission work.

 Rare Beauties Showcase –

Jewellers from the Flux Collective present a favourite and iconic piece from their latest jewellery collections. Explore our diverse and inspiring range of jewellery styles. We’ll be here to talk with you about our jewellery and how we work.

Workshops and Short Courses –

In the run up to the Open Studios weekend, and by way of contributing some metal magic to our Creative Camberwell we have also planned some special workshops for the beginning of Camberwell Arts Festival, for the public to enjoy. We have 2 special, free family workshops in pewter casting, and a 2 day casting course for adults too! Places are limited, booking is essential. Follow links for further information

Want to Join in the fun?

If you are or have been a student at Flux Jewellery School any time in the last 8 years  we invite you to join in our student focussed event as a participant. Show your work, take advantage of a free hands-on workshop session. Just fill in your details here…