Alex Yule wins gold!

Craft and Design Selected Maker Gold Award 2014

Alex Yule, Gold  - Craft and Design Award 2014



Alex Yule takes Gold!

Last year we were all very pleased when Alex Yule was announced as the silver winner of the Craft and Design Select Maker award for jewellery.

So you can imagine our delight to hear that from a vast swathe of talented jewellers, Alex won the heart and mind of specialist judge Amanda Stucklin to take the prestigious Craft and Design Selected Maker Gold Award 2014!

Alex Yule, Urchin rings


Anyone having visited Flux in the last 3 years will be familiar with the beautiful and perfect jewellery of Alex Yule.

Tiny sea urchins in blue enamel, silver and rose gold, mounted on rings – or delicately swaying as urchin pendants and earrings; mussel shells, oxidised with brilliant gold light glinting from within.. tokens of nature’s gifts that can never fail to delight.

Alex’s attention to detail makes every work she produces a statement of perfection. We at Flux bear witness to the care and consideration with which each piece has been lovingly designed and executed.

We are delighted that the judge of this fantastic Gold award agrees!

says Amanda Stucklin:

‘Although my personal preference is generally for large, bold jewellery there was something very appealing about Alex’s jewellery that jumped out at me. It is whimsical and romantic, beautifully observed and commercial in the positive sense of the word. Much of its attraction lies in the fact that it is detailed but not over-laboured. There is an obvious passion and integrity about Alex’s jewellery, but at the same time her collections are clearly well thought out and focussed. Simultaneously each collection has a distinctive theme and look, so there is a cohesive thread in evidence which makes them hang together extremely well. Even her commission work reflects this as, although the client has clearly had an in-put, the finished design bears Alex’s signature. Alex uses an interesting repertoire of techniques.I am looking forward to seeing how her work develops and how she plans to introduce enamelling and stones into her designs.

Alex Yule, Contemporary jeweller and tutor at Flux Studios


Roll on Alex!

You can congratulate her in person on Wednesday evenings when she teaches the beginners jewellery course here at Flux Jewellery School. Sign up now!


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You can see more of Alex Yule’s work here