Jadeite shares top spot as one of most expensive gemstones

It may come as some surprise that Jadeite ranks higher on the price-per-carat scale of expensive gemstones.

Top quality jadeite can reach $20,000 per carat, according to gemstonesadvisor.com, making it $5000 more expensive than the lowly ruby and diamond!

jadeite ring, sold for $1000000 in 2006

This jadeite ring sold for $1000000 in 2006

It’s all in the eyes of the beholder when it comes to gemstones and their value.

I’m a big fan of green, but my current obsession is with Alexandrite, a spectacular stone that has the ability to change colour depending on lighting conditions. Blue-green in natural daylight, this remarkable gem turns pink-purple in incandescent light. It’s a magical night and day stone, truly a gem for the  romantic heart.

So if you are looking for a gift that speaks romance and adventure, look out for Alexandrite, gemstone choice of the tzars!

beautiful colour changing Alexandrite

Beautiful colour changing Alexandrite, $10,000 per carat