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Thursday, June 9, 2011

London Jewellery Week: My Day part one. Jewel East.

Yesterday at London Jewellery Week was so much fun. Here is what I did:undefinedMy first stop was Jewel East amidst the hussle and bussle of the busy Old Spitalfields Market. This is the first year Jewel East has run at London Jewellery week and is situated towards the end of the market by the food area. You get a chance to get involved in jewellery making with demonstrations and you can even have a go yourself. Find this at the Holts Academy of Jewellery stall they also offer courses in Jewellery making so if you are interested go get involved.Then I saw a lovely group of designers from Flux studios. They are amazingly talented and so friendly. The director of Flux studios Vicky Forrester was there and spoke about her gorgeous collection and all about what Flux studios can offer budding jewellery designers. Definately worth a look at their website here. They offer courses throughout the year and at affordable prices.Jewellery by Vicky Forrester.

Amongst the talent I spotted Helena Bravo Jewellery originally from America, Helena embarked on a career in fashion photography. She soon realised that she had a passion for jewellery making and took classes at Flux studios. Her work is very unusual she tells me how she loves to play different materials and how her work has the illusion of looking fragile but is actually very strong and robust. She is definately one to watch.

Jewellery by Helena Bravo Jewellery

Helena with her jewellery collection.A surprise find from a lovely Italian woman Livia Lazzari. She told me she came all the way from Rome, Italy to be at London Jewellery week. Her designs are very much about being individual and not conforming to the world of precious jewellery. Livia’s style is very tribal but with a rock ‘n’ roll edge to it. She uses alot of natural materials including wood, leather, coarse stones and feathers. All these materials have been discover from her travels across Europe. She has already had alot of exposure in Italian Vogue i’m sure it won’t be long till she’s discovered here too.
Livia Lazzari with her jewellery.
A gorgeous piece by Livia Lazzari.

Here are some of the highlights of JewelEast.

Jewellery by Yuki Sasakura. Some amazing pieces with silver mixed with beads and fabrics are really delightful.

Jewellery by Becky Dockree Beautiful photo etched necklaces.

Do come down and see Jewel East it was a great exhibition of jewellery designers. There is also a huge market next door to Jewel East. So you can find an outfit to go with your one of kind jewellery.

JewelEast will be on til sunday 12th however Saturday will be closed.

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