One Year Study Option – the Flux Certificate in Jewellery

Immersive study options at Flux Jewellery School – The Flux Certificate in Jewellery.

Are you ready to invest more time into developing your jewellery design and making skills? In response to growing demand, we have developed a range of sustained and immersive learning opportunities that progressively strengthen your design, making and business skills. If you are looking to accelerate your jewellery skills, we present the Flux Certificate in Jewellery. We offer three levels, so you can take the Foundation Certificate, Intermediate Certificate and the Advanced Certificate. We deliver each Flux accredited course over a year, on a part time basis.

 Learn a wide range of jewellery techniques on the Flux one year certificate in jewellery

Since we know you are busy, we have designed each Flux Certificate in jewellery to fit around your other work commitments. Hence you’ll find all your classes run in the evenings and at weekends. We’ll also assign you a personal tutor to guide and support your learning through the programme. Your personal tutor will liaise with you throughout the year to give regular, evaluative feedback on your progress, and guidance for further development.

The Flux Certificate in Jewellery- Is this programme for me?

We have options to suit anyone with a passion to learn new jewellery making skills. You may just be starting out in jewellery making, or perhaps you have sound skills that need honing. Or maybe you are looking to enrich your already well developed practice. In all cases we offer you a next step. With the Flux Certificate in Jewellery we present 3 levels so you can study as a beginner, intermediate or advanced student. In this way you can build your skills to a high level of proficiency over 3 years. 

How is the Flux Certificate in Jewellery structured?

Each Flux certificated one year course is modular. The year long, part time study plan comprises a carefully selected mixture from our 10 week courses and our weekend specialist courses. Additionally, we dedicate 3 personal study days across the year, and these are planned with your personal tutor. We have devised each of our one year programmes to provide you with a well rounded range of skills, using varied learning styles. However we can offer some flexibility in your personal development plan, so feel free to discuss your thoughts with us in advance.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the course?

In total we provide you with more than 180 guided learning hours in the workshop. To gain the full Flux accreditation we require your commitment of these 180 hours attendance in the workshop over the academic year. You’ll also receive design – led tasks to complete in your own time. This work will support your workshop activities. We’ll suggest what you need to do, and it’s up to you how much time you put in. We expect that the measure of your dedication will be reflected in your final results, and consequently in the evaluations you receive for accreditation purposes.

At the end of your course you’ll also need to dedicate some time to preparing your work for exhibition. You’ll spend a final weekend sharing your work and your newly honed skills in the Creative Urges weekend (to coincide with Camberwell Arts Week).

How much does the Flux Certificate in Jewellery cost?

The fee for each certificated course is £2,850 and you can pay all at once, or you can choose an option to pay in instalments.  

In return you receive: 

  • A minimum of 180 hours of hands-on specialist training in jewellery making in our well equipped workshop.
  • Assignments to complete in your own time to support your development.  
  • As well as focussing on your technical skills, we will assist you t0 develop design skills.
  • Meanwhile, as you progress to more advanced learning, we’ll also explore business elements to help you find your niche. 
  • You’ll  have regular meetings with your assigned tutor who will work with you to achieve your highest goals.
  • Along with your peers you’ll exhibit your work publicly and also for final assessment by the Flux teaching team.
  • And finally we’ll present you with your Flux Certificate, providing a clear evaluation of your new jewellery skills, abilities and achievements.

Flux One Year Foundation Certificate in Jewellery –  Developing Jewellery Design and Jewellery Making Skills

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Flux One Year Intermediate Certificate in Jewellery – Extending Jewellery Design and Jewellery Making Skills

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Flux One Year Advanced Certificate in Jewellery – Taking your jewellery design and jewellery making skills to a professional level

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Learn a wide range of jewellery techniques on the Flux one year certificate in jewellery

Need to know more? Read about the accreditation process:

Who assesses my work for the Flux Certificate in Jewellery?

The team is headed by Vicky Forrester.(Director of learning at Flux Jewellery School, professional jeweller, author and qualified teacher PGCE). Vicky’s experience includes writing, planning, delivering and assessing nationally recognised, accredited jewellery courses for numerous schools and colleges in London.

Core members of the team include Becky Dockree, Barbora Rybarova and Alex Yule. In all cases our teaching staff are highly skilled jewellers who bring to you their specialist knowledge and professional experiences as designers, makers and educators. You can read more about all the members of our teaching team here. 

How will you assess my work?

Each year-long study programme comprises 3 long courses and 4 short courses, and each course provides you with one credit. Additionally you will gain one credit for the work you successfully complete on your personal development days. You’ll also receive a further 2 credits for your exhibition at the end of the year. Hence, every Flux Certificate represents 10 credits of achievement.

You can collect credits for all courses you successfully complete, however you must achieve all available credits to receive the Flux Certificate in jewellery, at whichever level you have chosen to study.

We present each credit with a statement of achievement. This evaluative statement recognises your particular strengths, while also noting areas you need to focus on. For each of these course credits, it’s the course tutor who provides your evaluative statement of achievements.

When it comes to the Personal Development credit, it’s your assigned tutor who will evaluate your work.

Lastly, at the end of the year a quorum of your tutors will examine your presentation for the exhibition. We’ll discuss your work together and you will receive a final evaluation by Vicky Forrester (Director of learning), along with the last 2 available credits for your certificate.

Once you have gained the Foundation Certificate, you may then go on to study for the Intermediate and Advanced Certificates.

Silver wing ring from wax carving. Flux one year jewellery programmes of study

Have wings, Will fly.

Ring from collection by Juliette Mole. Photo courtesy of the artist