Elemental Jewellery – by Vicky Forrester

elemental-jewellery-coverElemental Jewellery, by Vicky Forrester, went into its first published edition in October 2012.

 ISBN: 9780956438270

Commissioned by Fil Rouge Press, Elemental Jewellery was released simultaneously in the UK and the US. This book took a year to research and write.

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The book includes twenty projects that aim to introduce new approaches to designing and making jewellery. I hope that in sharing my own experiences, processes, and conclusions, you can find parallels that will help you to engage with your own creative practice in new ways. Presented in three purposeful sections – Ideas, Materials, and Techniques – the book aims to take you on an expansive journey through various approaches to designing and making jewellery. Using Earth, Water, Air, and Fire as sources of inspiration, the step-by-step projects explore how these themes can provide potent undercurrents in conceptual, material, and technical investigation. Read an extract here.

My intention throughout is to encourage a sense of play in the process. In my own experience, only through such extended periods of play – a combination of reflection, experimentation, and pushing the limits without concern for the preciousness of the outcome – can one begin to find a sense of fluidity with process and material. This kind of exploration leads to originality and personal authenticity in one’s creative expression.

You can get signed copies directly from me now.

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Here’s the official review by Melanie Pike at the  Association for Contemporary Jewellery. If this is too small to read you can find a bigger version here!

Findings_spring2013review of book by Vicky Forrester