Booking a course

Jewellery Courses London

We’ve added a range of exciting new jewellery courses to our prospectus this term; take a look, see what you can do!

You can choose a course to suit your level of experience in jewellery making, or you can search by technique to find a course that will give you the  skills you want to develop.  

We’re all professional jewellers here at Flux, and this means we have a wide range of specialist skills and techniques to offer our students. If there is a skill or technique you’d like to learn that we don’t have listed, please tell us about it; we may be able to put it on the programme for a future date!

Bespoke Training

We can offer one-to-one tuition too, so if your preferred learning style is more personalised, we can tailor a course especially for you in our very well equipped jewellery studio.


We recognise that sometimes unexpected commitments arise that can clash with your planned class. At Flux Jewellery School we offer the flexibility for you to attend a workshop catch-up session so you don’t get left behind.

If you’d like to know more about what to expect you can read about other students’ experiences of our courses here

Extra Hours for Project Work

If you want to work on a project outside of your usual class time we offer ‘Extra Hours’ to current students. This service is available on Tuesdays from 1-5pm during term time. Read more here


Since 2009 we have been working in partnership with Southwark Adult Learning Services to provide a special programme of courses for people who live locally. If you are a Southwark resident you may be able to join one of our short courses at a fantastically subsidised rate. Check here for more information.

You’ll find answers to common queries on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you need to know more about the fine detail before booking a course, please read our full terms and conditions here

Gifting a course to a loved one

And finally, we know that people like to buy a well considered gift for family, friends or colleagues. We offer a personalised voucher service that can be used to purchase materials, join courses, get extra creative studio time – or to commission a piece of jewellery from one of our fabulous jewellery designers at Flux. Vouchers can be made to any value you choose. Read more here

We look forward to meeting you soon.