Our Teaching

Our teaching at Flux Jewellery is student-centred - we teach you what you want to learnThe Flux teaching philosophy…

From beginner jewellery courses that will equip you with the founding skills for jewellery making, to advanced and specialist jewellery courses that provide focus for developing expert techniques, we aim to inspire you!

We believe that creative evolution is best served through play;  through our teaching we encourage experimentation.

With problem solving also at the heart of our practice we show students how to explore techniques and to push beyond the accepted rules of making. The process (the journey) shapes the outcome, and we revel in the originality of outcome for each of our students. Contrary to other teaching approaches, that which others might define as ‘FAILURE’ becomes a valuable opportunity for understanding material, process or approach. The greatest works often result from such deviations!

Our teaching approach is founded in traditional silversmithing techniques, with a contemporary influence

On all our jewellery courses we teach traditional silversmithing techniques with a contemporary influence.

Our courses are taught by professional jewellers and dedicated experts. Most of our tutors are Flux Studios members. We’re passionate about what we do and we share our skills with enthusiasm.

When you join our courses you may have the opportunity to sit beside one of our Flux Members at work, in addition to your tutors.

Have a look at what they are doing! In the studio, between us we have 100 years of jewellery knowledge, and we like to share it, as others have so generously shared with us.

Having devoted years of learning and practice to develop our jewellery making skills, we honour the traditions that have been invested in us. At Flux Jewellery School our courses aim to guide students through processes that in time build proficiency, meanwhile embedding design skills and encouraging originality along the way. We inspire students to achieve skills beyond their own expectations and our students enjoy their time with us on many levels.

Our philosophy is to provide a personalised service for each student that focuses on developing the skills they need to enrich their creative practice, to suit their ambitions. We know that some of you will go on to become Flux Members in your journey to becoming great jewellers.