Reviews by members of Flux Studios, past and present

Here’s what Flux Studio Membership means to our jewellers

I have been making jewellery for several years, mainly through attending evening courses. I heard about the Flux studio through a friend when I started to work part time. I wanted somewhere that I could go for about two days a week which would give me the chance to develop my craft and work with other jewellery designers. Becoming a member at Flux studios has been a very good move for me for a number of reasons. Firstly, the facilities are very good. It has an open plan layout with plenty of workspace and light. It is very generously equipped and it all works so you do not need to bring anything yourself ; it’s all there. There are also coffee/tea making facilities, a load of books and a sitting area. Secondly, it has a really nice atmosphere, friendly, open and, very important for me, supportive. If I have technical problems, help is always on hand. In fact, it is more than just help but rather a genuine interest in your work and how you might develop it. I like this feeling of being free to go my own way but at the same time I can get feedback and advice from people whose advice I respect. It’s exciting to be in the company of creative and talented people and as a result, I think my work has moved on since I joined.

Flux member since 2008

Jewellers review their experiences of Flux Studio Membership